Spanish Real Estate law conference in Munich on 18 November 2023

This year’s autumn conference of the German-Spanish Lawyers‘ Association on Spanish real estate law (Derecho Inmobiliario español) took place on 18.11.2023 in Munich.

Another very informative event organised by the German-Spanish Lawyers‘ Association, which was very well attended with 120 participants, and which was characterised by excellent speakers and lively discussions with a knowledgeable audience.

The complex structures and processes of property transactions in Spain for commercial and private properties were discussed, as well as tax structuring options for buyers, sellers and heirs.

All of this in the context of cross-border transactions between Germany/the DACH region and Spain and the associated complex legal and tax issues.

It also became clear that the real estate market in Spain is still very active, despite a significant slump in 2023, primarily due to the turnaround in interest rates on the international capital markets and the current political crises in Europe.

Around 500,000 real estate transactions are expected to be completed in Spain in 2023, after an all-time high of almost 650,000 units was recorded in 2022. Prices fell significantly across the board, as in other European countries.

One exception is property assets in the Spanish logistics sector, which continues to boom and is proving surprisingly resistant to the crisis.

This overall very good conference was rounded off by a culinary and cultural framework programme in the beautiful Bavarian capital.