Siemens Energy is apparently on the verge of taking over the Spain-listed Siemens Gamesa

According to concurring reports in German and Spanish media, Siemens Energy wants to take over the Spanish-listed company completely. A purchase price of more than four billion euros is mentioned.

Siemens Energy would thus profit from the stock market price of Siemens Gamesa, which has been falling for some time and is also an expression of the company’s negative business development.

The company has been posting losses for years, which are partly home-made and also a consequence of disputes among the shareholders, and partly problems of difficult framework conditions in the company’s core markets.

It is planned to delist Siemens Gamesa after the takeover. This would be possible under Spanish law if Siemens Energy holds at least 75% of the shares.

Siemens wants the takeover to enable a restructuring and savings programme to make Siemens Gamesa profitable again. The media speak of savings of up to 300 million euros annually.

Strategically, it should make sense for Siemens Energy to take over one of the big players in the renewable energy market in order to participate in the expected global growth in this sector.

This is because many countries in and outside Europe are currently making efforts – also driven by the energy crisis triggered by Russia and the Russia-Ukraine war – to say goodbye to the use of fossil fuels such as gas, coal and oil as early as possible.